What's New at Shingle Inn

30 Jan 2019

Delicious & Nutritious
Meet the brand new additions to Shingle Inn's delicious and nutritious range! Try their Matcha Muesli Bowl served with decadent Greek yogurt or their delicious new Burrito Bowl, made with tender seasoned chicken, brown rice and fresh avocado!

Just SO Good!
Shingle Inn's burgers are seriously just so good! Their artisan burger range features quality ingredients all served between a delicious toasted brioche bun (Yes! They also have gluten free buns!). Or try their vegetarian-friendly Saint Funghi, served with delicious garlic mushrooms! 

Fall in Love
Fall in Love with Shingle Inn's new cheesecakes! Made with creamy, smooth cream cheese and topped with your choice of juicy mangoes or mixed berries. Delicious when paired with your afternoon pot of tea!