8 Street is coming!

26 Oct 2017

8 STREET Opens late 2017.  Get The Word On The Street.

The 8 STREET low-down......Mimicking the infamous Hawkers Markets, 8 STREET showcases bona fide Asian STREET fare, boasting ten food peddlers and edgy Japanese beer garden with quality brews to top off your plate. A modern Asian supermarket resides next door.

Street Appeal
Street theatre is the name of the game and open kitchens are the star of the show. Feast your eyes on your mouth-watering creation being made to order amidst the flames. 8 STREET hawkers descending from the regions of Asia are legendary for their honest prices…. Now that’s easy to swallow.

Street Cred
8 STREET inventor David Wu was bestowed with the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Entrepreneur of the Year award for his contribution to the economy and community. Nice one Mr Wu.

Taking It To The Street
Curated by the entrepreneurial David Wu, 8 STREET first hit Australia in 2014. Mr Wu shipped two 40ft containers of time-honoured building materials from his homeland, bringing his vision to life in ‘the burbs’ of Brisbane’s south. Yep, you guessed it. He named his creation 8 STREET owing to 8 being considered a lucky and auspicious number in Asian culture.

Streets Ahead
8 STREET of late won the Qld Retail Property of the Year Award for Excellence in Food Retailing. No two ways about it, 8 STREET is a hot little number.