Struggling on what non-perishable food to donate for Oz Harvest? We have listed a number of foods accepted by Oz Harvest to help families most at need.⁣

         Non-Perishable Food

  • Oats⁣
  • Milk Powder⁣
  • Canned Meat⁣
  • Rice⁣
  • Canned Soup⁣
  • Packaged Pasta⁣
  • Bottled Pasta Sauce⁣
  • Cereal⁣
  • Granola Bars⁣
  • Can Fruit and Vegetables⁣
  • Pancake Mixes⁣
  • Canned Beans⁣

You can purchase any of these items from Coles, Aldi or Woolworths when you are in Centre. Then simply place the items into the donation boxes located outside Coles or Woolworths. ⁣⁣
We thank you for your support 💛